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Academic Session, Department, Class, Section & Subject Explained

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Different education institutions name or group students differently. Classe365 academic structuring enables any type of education institution to group students according to individual needs. 

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What is an Academic Session?

An Academic Session is a way to group students according to school sessions or years.


  • School Year 2023, 2024, 2025

  • 2023 Sem 1, 2023 Sem 2

You can find this setting by clicking the "Global Data" box at the top of the page. Here you can view all academic sessions or create a new one.

To know more about Academic Sessions, you may also check out this page.

What is a Department?

A Department is the top-level grouping of an institution which is responsible for the different Classes, Sections and Subjects.


  • K-12 - Grade School, High School

  • University - Department of Business and Commerce, Department of Medical Sciences

The Department can be enabled and disabled. Here the department is enabled.

What is a Class?

A Class in Classe365 can be associated with a variety of related meanings depending on the type of education institution. It can be a group of students attending a specific course or lesson at a university or school.  


  • K-12 - Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and so on. 

  • University - Master in Business, Master in Entrepreneurship

  • Tutoring Academy - Basic/Advanced English

What is Section?

 A Section is a group within a Class. You can use Sections to further divide a Class into smaller groups or use it to identify intakes or levels.


  • K-12 - Grade 1 class can be divided into Section A or Section B

  • University

    • Year 1 Semester 1, Year 2 Semester 2

    • Level 1, Level 2

    • Fall Semester, Spring Semester

  • Academies:

    • Morning Group, Afternoon Group, Evening Group

    • Weekday Group, Weekend Group

    • Intake: January, February, March

What is a Subject?

These are the assigned modules under a Class and Section. Subjects are critical in this academic structure as this is the grouping where you can do the following actions:

  • Mark Attendance

  • Mark Grades

  • Assign Teachers

  • Assign Class Schedules

  • Create subject content in the LMS.

There are 3 types of Subjects:

  • Core - These are mandatory subjects for the students. When they enroll in a Class and Section, they will automatically be enrolled in the Core Subjects

  • Elective - These are not mandatory subjects. Students can choose if they want to be enrolled in an Elective or admins can assign them manually to Elective subjects

  • Flexi Core - This works like an Elective, but with a different Terminology. There are cases wherein schools have Core Subjects in their Classes, and students can choose for which Section to take it. In such situations, you can use the Flexi Core subject type.


  • K-12 - English, Maths, Science, Social Science etc.

  • University

    • For a Master in Business class, subjects can be Accounting, Strategy Management, Design Thinking

  • Academies:

    • For a Basic English class, subjects can be English Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Other useful settings:

Global Search

There is a global search option so you can look for Department, Class, Section and Subject by their name or code.


If you are using different hierarchical terms for your school, you can update the terminology from the Org Settings > Terminology.

Infographic - of Academic Hierarchies

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