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How to Enable Custom Domain or URL Masking
How to Enable Custom Domain or URL Masking
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Classe365 enables education institutions to mask the default tenant name or subdomain name that they had opted when signing up. Education institutions can choose to have their own domain that they control, such as, rather than the default subdomain like Once a custom domain is configured for the education institution, it will become the canonical home of the classe365 tenant or subdomain. Any web requests for the original default tenant will then be redirected to the custom domain.

This process is slightly manual (Step 2). We are in the process of making this completely automated and manged from your administrative settings.

1. Update your DNS

The first step is to update your DNS to redirect your chosen aliased URL (e.g.: to using a CNAME record.

Your DNS settings will look as below. Note that you will need advanced DNS editing rights to perform this task. Contact your hosting provider for assistance.

Note that it may take up to 72 hours for DNS settings to propagate.


For more information on adding CNAME records, click on the button below

2. Update your DNS

Once you have set-up DNS, goto Classe365 White-label settings at Settings --> Settings for your institution --> White Label

Enable Custom URL 

Enter the redirect information or the subdomain that you'll be redirecting Classe365 login page. In the example above
Once the settings are updated, the platform automatically will reflect the CNAME details and enable it to mask URL to the canonical name. 

In many cases, the redirect is activated immediately, if not please give 24 hours for the DNS settings to propagate across the internet.

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