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How does Weight Setup Work in Assessment and Grading module?
How does Weight Setup Work in Assessment and Grading module?

Why weight setup is helpful in grade-book?

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Weight setup is helpful to get an accurate overall score of all subjects which have assessments in Gradebook for the Grading Scales like Grades, Rubrics, and Percentage.

Note: Overall score of Grading Scale like Manual Entry is calculated manually in Gradebook.

How to set up weights?

      - Go to Modules > Manage Assessment & Grading > Grade Setup (tab) > Manage Weights

Note: Before setting up weights you have to set up the assessment category to subjects first. 

1. Common Weights for all Class and Section

   You have to enable this option when same weights are shared across all the assessment categories.

In the above example "Final Grade", and "Participation & Classwork" have shared the weights across all the subjects.

And hence in Gradebook, you can have all the categories of assessments and overall is calculated accurately

Note: You can also have accurate overall score even though if you haven't entered any grades to assessments by enabling the option under Grade Setup(tab) 'Consider overall score calculation for categories without grade entry?'.

2.  Weights to particular Assessment Categories to particular Subjects.

If category weights are different to particular subjects you can add weights by searching Class or Department and add up weights.

In the above example, Class Grade 7, Section Division A and Subject English has weights to assessment categories Final Grade - 80, Classwork - 20

You can also copy weights to other subjects as well by clicking the copy icon.

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