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Overriding the Overall Score

This article details out how you can override the Overall Score in a student's gradebook

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In Classe365, you have the option to override the student's overall score in their gradebook. It would be useful to utilize this feature for certain instances, such as:

  1. If you want to round up the overall score - There are cases where schools allow scores to be rounded up, so the student can meet the passing requirements of a subject.

  2. If there's a makeup grade that needs to be added in the overall score - There are cases wherein students are given make up tests. When these assessments are not included in the overall score calculation for all, then the modification of the overall grade will be applied individually per student.

  3. If in a subject, you want to use more than one type of grading scale for the overall score - An example would be when one student uses a percentage grade scale, and another student uses a letter grade scale (like Pass and Fail).

How to override the overall score?

You can manage this by clicking on the overall score, and manually encoding the student's final grade.

Note: You can bring back the student's original grade if you delete the score you manually encoded.

What are the implications of modifying the overall score?

  • If you override the score with a numerical grade, the overall grade that will be displayed will follow the grading scale used in that subject.

Example: If you change the overall score from 59 to 60, then the letter grade which will be displayed will change from F to D as well.

  • If you override the score with a non-numerical grade, the overall grade will automatically not be included in the student's GPA calculation.

Example: If your grading scale is set for GPA calculation, then you change the student's overall score from a numerical grade to a Pass/Fail, the grade of the student for that subject will not be counted towards their GPA.

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