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Fundraising Module

All you need to know about Classe365's Fundraising module. easy-to-use donation forms, peer-to-peer websites, donor management and much more

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Hover over modules and then select manage campaigns in the fundraising module as shown in the below image.

Manage Campaigns:

The manage campaigns section is used to add and manage multiple campaigns. Click on "Add Campaign" as shown in the below image to create a new campaign to raise funds.

On the left hand side of the "add campaign page", The user can enter the title and a short description of the campaign. You can upload an image and a video (MP4/HD is recommended, Maximum file size is 25 MB). 

The description section of the campaign can be used to describe the campaign objective in detail. There is no limitation on the text in the description section.

The FAQ section can be used to upload some of the frequently asked questions for the campaign. 

The contact details section can be used to provide contact details for further information.

The availability section is used to update the status of the campaign, start time and end time for the campaign. 

Payment Settings:

The user can enter a minimum acceptable amount if required and also set a campaign target amount.

The donors for the campaign can be the users in the Classe365 system (student, teacher, admin and parent) or you can add guest users as donors to the campaign as well.

You can have multiple different accounts for payment gateways. The user can direct donations to multiple payment gateways and , recurring donation is also available through stripe.

Other settings:

Other settings allows the campaign to display the donor names to the guest users, social media share for spreading the word and marketing.
Notification settings allows the user to add multiple email addresses for notifications about the campaign.
The email template can be customised from
settings ---> settings for your <organisation> ---> email templates and select payment notification email for admin

Once the campaign is created, the user can view all the campaigns under "Campaigns" tab.

We have provided an option of embed code next to the campaign to copy and paste the embed code on the user's front end  (Ex: Website)


The donor list can be viewed and exported in a csv format with multiple filters under the "Donors" tab.
The user can also send emails and SMS to the donors as well. Please see the below image for an example.

Payment transactions:

The payment transactions can be managed under the payment transactions settings.
The data can be exported in a csv file with multiple search filters. An example image is shown below:

Manage the Front end of the campaign:

Once the user has created all the required information of the campaign. The user can view the campaign's front end (website).
The front end gives the look and feel that the donors experience on the organisation's website. 

An example of the campaigns on the front end is shown below:

If you have any questions about the fundraising module, please write to us at [email protected]

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