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Custom URL | White Labelling Classe365 with custom domain
Custom URL | White Labelling Classe365 with custom domain

This documentation walks you through the steps in adding the CNAME records in your domain's DNS settings

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Classe365 provides the flexibility to mask the URL, hiding the "Classe365" branding and enabling your own branding with the "White Label" module. By using this module, users can do other account customisations, like adding custom banners and choosing the primary and secondary colors for your account.

In this documentation, we'll guide you through the process of installing the CNAME record in your domain's DNS settings.

STEP 1: Go to DNS Settings

Login to your hosting provider's account and find the DNS settings.

If you own multiple domains, you may have to filter/find the domain in which you want to have the custom URL.

We're considering the domain hosting provider as GoDaddy in this example, but all the domain hosting providers will have the same steps, you may have to go to the DNS menu to add the CNAME records.

STEP 2: Add CNAME Record

When installing the CNAME record, you'll have to add the "Host" and "Points To".


  • Host ➡️ ""

  • Points to ➡️ ""

In our example, we assume our Classe365 account is "Demo", you will have to set your school account here.

In some domain hosting providers, if the redirection doesn't work, the users may simply need to add the "Host" as "subdomain".

NOTE: Some hosting providers will accept "" and some will accept "students"

Whereas the "students" is our chosen subdomain to mask the Classe365 URL.

STEP 3: Adding Custom URL in Classe365's White Label Domain

Login to your Classe365 account as a super-admin, and go to Account > Org Settings > White Label

Enable "Custom URL", and set the custom domain picked as per your CNAME record.

That's it, you can now start using the custom domain, and hide the "Classe365" branding in all the pages for all users.

For more information on this, please write us to "" or you may use the in-app chat tool for quick assistance.

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