Degree Audit is an academic planning tool that analyses a student's academic progress towards fulfilling a degree/course/program. It can be used to monitor the student's progression to make sure that they are on track with their enrolled program. It is helpful in mapping out the degree requirements, and an effective tool for subject selection and scheduling process.

Information found on the Degree Audit:

  • Required credits for completing a degree

  • Cumulative GPA

  • Course Requirements

  • Enrollment Status of each course (Completed, In Progress, Withdrawn)

  • Credits Earned

  • Final Score of each course

  • Prerequisite courses (if applied)

  • Recognition for Prior Learning Courses or RPL (if applied)

For more information on this module, please check out this quick explainer video.

Creating a Degree

Go to Modules > Administration > Degrees and Certificates. Then, click the "Create a Degree" box.

In the settings page, just fill in the requested information and click Save.

  • Degree Name

  • Required Credits - Number of credits a student needs to take to complete the course.

  • Cumulative GPA - The minimum GPA a student has to achieve to complete the course.

*Note - CGPA is not a required setting. But once a number has been entered, the system will need to identify a Grading Scale that will be used for its computation.

  • Subject Group - This can be assigned by different Subject categories (Ex. for Medical Degree: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, General Medicine) or by Subject Types (Core or Elective).

  • Subject List - Allocate subjects according to their respective Subject group.

  • Pre-Requisite - You can set a pre-requisite to a subject. This means a student needs to take the pre-requisite first in order to be qualified to enroll to another subject.

Allocating a Degree to Students

1. Adding Students to a Degree Individually

In the "All Degrees" tab, just click the plus icon to add students to a course.

Then just type in either the student's name, email or admission number.

Want to create "Transcripts" and link it with the "Degree Audit"? Here are the steps.

2. Adding Students to a Degree in Bulk

You can facilitate this process from the Manage Students page.

Just select all the students you want to assign a degree to and from the Selected box, click the action "Assign Degree to Students"

Viewing Students' Assigned Degrees

You may see all assigned courses in the "Degree Audit" Tab. The related fees and course status can be seen directly from the list. A detailed version can also be extracted from the icon under Actions.

Who has access to the Student's Degree Audit?

Admins have access to it from the Degree Audit Module. They will be able to control the degree settings from this page.

Students, Parents and Teachers also have access to the Degree Audit from the Student profile, however, only under Read/View function.

Here's a screenshot of the Degree Audit information from a Student Profile.

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