Setting up Department, Class, Subject & Section.

After the user's institution has been setup, it is time to manage the academics . .

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Managing Academics (Department, Class, Section & Subject):

It is important to set up Department (If necessary), Class, Section & Subject before proceeding.
Before we explore more about Managing Academics, Let us understand the different terminologies used in Classe365.

  •  By default, The department icon is disabled. The user can enable the Icon and then add the department name if necessary.

Setting Up Class, Section & Subjects:

Classe365 provides the flexibility of adding the class, Section & Subjects in Bulk as well as adding the data individually on a manual basis. Let us look at both these options.

a). Uploading the data in bulk:
      To upload the data in bulk, go to Settings > Org Settings > Import/Export Data.

The user can download the sample file and then format the data accordingly. The user also has the flexibility of Exporting the Data.

After downloading, populate the sample data with real data from your education institution. From just one file you can upload class, sections (if any) and subjects taught in every class and section.

b). Uploading the data Manually:

The user can upload the Department, Class,Section and subject manually. Go to Modules > Class & Subjects > Manage Class & Subjects.

From here, you can individually add Department, Class, Section & subject. The Add subject Tab is hidden and can be enabled by clicking on the icon as shown below.

From here the user can Add Department, Class, Section and Subjects as per the user's requirements.

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