When the students are preparing for a higher education abroad, whether as an exchange student for a semester or two, or for completing a full Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, they need to go through an extensive ‘paperwork’ process. The transcript of records is one of those important documents students will have to take care of and make sure the information is properly filled in.

The transcript of records, also known as academic records or sometimes as student records, are closely linked with the learning agreement plan, which is an official document that specifies the courses, research and training/teaching activities students are supposed to achieve during their academic sessions.

The learning agreement has to be signed and approved by both the home university and the host institution and any change should be agreed by all three parties (the universities and students themselves).

The transcript of records mainly represent the academic recognition of a student's progress and the credits earned during their academic study abroad program.

Classe365 offers a quick and easy way to link a "Degree Certificate" with "Transcript Template" that'll create a transcript for a student. Here are the steps to create a transcript for a student.

STEP-1: Add Transcript Template

Go to Modules > Manage Degree

Settings > Add New

STEP-2: Design Template

Using the text editor you can easily build the transcript skeleton, the table attribute is quite handy to create the layout, however, if you are good in HTML you can customize the design by adding inline CSS to the HTML tags.

STEP-3: Populating Data

To populate the data when the transcript is assigned you need to set the data variables.

Classe365 Offers the following data variables:

  1. Student Attributes: you can populate any information that is on a student profile into the transcript.

  2. Transcript Data: The transcript information related to the degree.

  3. Organization: The information of the organization that's set in the Organization Settings.

  4. Others: You can populate the default current date, or the transcription generated date using the data variables in this block.

  5. Custom Data Variables: This is a key-feature of the transcript section where admin can easily change the data manually by editing the generated transcripts by students.

You can add custom data variables in the transcription settings.

STEP-4: Enabling the "Transcript" to a "Degree Audit".

To assign a transcript to a degree audit, go to "All Degree > Edit".

There you need to enable the "Transcript" and choose the transcript template from the list.

If you are new to Degree Audit module, It's highly recommended to check out the documentation below to learn how to create a "Degree Audit".

STEP-5: Enabling/Viewing Transcripts

View the assigned students for a degree either by selecting the degree from the list of using the below action button.

To print the transcript, use the quick action button, or print by viewing the transcript.

Modifying the information of a "Custom Data Variable".

View Transcript of a student, and click over the custom data variable to edit the information.

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