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Events and Scheduling Module

Managing Events and Class Schedule For Administrators

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The video link for the events module is shown below:

To go to manage schedules, go to modules ----> Events

Here you can manage class schedule by clicking manage class schedule, here you can add Add Schedule Category . An example is shown below

Once the Schedule Category has been added, the class schedule window pops up where we can add the Class schedule.

An example is shown below.

After the Class schedule is made, this will show up on the calendar.

The user can change the color accordingly by selecting the Color tab in the Class schedule page.

Once the schedule has been added, this will show up on schedule categories as shown below.

Similarly,  we can add and manage any events by clicking manage events.

We can also sync the personal calendar with that of Classe365 calendar to manage the events. There is also an additional option to change the visibility to either all or selected users.

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