Pre-Admissions Module(CRM):
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The Video link shows the Pre-admission module.

Overview Of CRM Module:

Managing CRM Forms Submissions

This article will demonstrate the ease of using Classe365 for Admissions.

To go to Pre-Admissions module, go to Modules---->Pre-Admissions

In Pre-Admissions module, we have Applications & Applications Form Fields.

Application Form Fields:

The Application form fields consist of all the basic fields required for an application form but the user can add more field to the application form.
The Fields could be Text, Date, Text-Area, Selection, File and Checkbox Field

The user can Drag and Drop any field provided they have permissions to access the module.

The Preview application form example is shown below:

Once the application is filled, submit the application file.
The student will receive an Email acknowledging the submission.


Once the applications have been submitted by the student, The user can view all the applicants from the applicant tab (Example is shown below)

Here the user can change the status of the application from the highlighted top right corner of the page.

The user can also view, Email and SMS the parent/student about the enrollment selection. When the view tab is opened the user can view the activity log and also add note, schedule, note & assignment. An example is shown below.

After the view tab is opened:

Classe365 provides more flexibility to make changes to the enrollment process Simultaneously.

If you have any further issues with preadmission module, please contact [email protected] for further support.

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