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Student Portal - Customizing Student Dashboard by Admin
Student Portal - Customizing Student Dashboard by Admin

This documentation walks you through the student dashboard customization by the super-admin in Classe365

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The student dashboard provided by Classe365 is an easy-to-use interface that provides students with direct access to the various areas of their academic and personal information. It is designed to give students a convenient way to interact with their educational institution, and can be used for accessing fee payment records, registering for courses, tracking assignments, and more.

Classe365's student dashboard includes:

  • Overview

  • Notices

  • Activities

  • Upcoming & Deadlines

  • Events & Class Schedules

  • Latest Invoices

Follow the steps below to customize the student dashboard:

STEP-1: Login to Classe365 as Admin

Login to your Classe365's admin account. The admin user needs to have super-admin privileges to customize the student dashboard.

STEP-2: Access Settings Page

Go to Account > Org Settings

And then go to User Portal > Customize Student's Dashboard

STEP-3: Configure Student Dashboard

Click on "View/Hide Blocks" to enable/disable a specific section on the dashboard.

To arrange the blocks on the dashboard, use the "Drag to reorder" button.

After customizing click on the "Save" button and that's it, when students log into the student portal, they should find the customized dashboard.

Need help?

Contact support@classe365 or use in-app chat tool

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