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Classe365 - Organization Profile Settings
Classe365 - Organization Profile Settings
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Classe365 provides organization super-admins to manage and update the settings that would apply for organization.

Go to Modules > Administration > Organization Settings

There, you can configure the organization profile settings.

The organization profile includes the following settings:

  1. Logo Updates

  2. Institute Name

  3. Organization Short Name (this can also work as an SMS sender ID, we recommend you to keep it short up to 11 chars)

  4. Address

  5. Country

  6. Phone Country Code

  7. Post Code

  8. Email (For organization notifications - example,

  9. Phone Number (without country code)

  10. Timezone

  11. Date Format

  12. Time Format

  13. Currency

  14. Background Image - For Login Screen

  15. Background Video - For Login Screen

You can also customize the "Overview" info.

This is visible, in your signing in page.


Use the in-app chat tool or write us to

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