Linking students to parents can either be done manually or Classe365 has the option to automatically assigns students to parents. 

The automatic student to parent linking:
The main criteria that the system uses to automatically assign parents to students is the email address and contact number of the primary parent (father name by default). If a parent's email and contact phone is the same between 2 students, Classe365 automatically assigns them as siblings. 

The manual student to parent linking:
To manually link students to parents go to Modules -> Parents -> Parent / Student Link tab. Search the parent and click on the edit icon. 

2. You'll then be provided with the parent name and the list of students that are unassigned to any parents.
Click on the "Add as a child" button to add student to a parent. 

Note: that you'll need to unlink any students already linked before linking back to the same student. 

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