Managing Students

Setting up student's data and managing them.

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After the institution and the academics have been setup, it is now time to add the student's data

Let's have a look at the video which describes the student module.

The user can export the data and use sample file to make required edits and then import the file back to the platform from the import data tab.

b). Uploading the data Manually:
     Classe365 has the flexibility of adding the data manually by clicking on the add student icon.

Here the user can make all the changes to suit his/her requirement. 

We have the student portal feature as well,which can be used to send username & passwords through Email and SMS.

Allocating Elective Subjects:

classe365 give the user to add on elective subjects to students if required. To add an elective subject,go to:
Modules-->class & subjects-->Manage class & Subjects
As mentioned before in the article,enable the add subjects tab which is hidden and then add the subject name,code,credits and then subject TYPE(Core or Elective) Here click on Elective to set the particular subjects and then Click on Add.

Managing Student Fields:

The platform provides the user the option of managing,creating student fields. To manage the student fields, go to Modules-->Student-->Manage Student Fields.
Here the user can make the edits as per the user's requirement.

The user can also create a Field Group Name and add the customized student fields.


The user can explore more about the Manage student fields in the platform

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