Graduation module lets education institutions to progress or advance students to the next level of study. If the students are at the end of their educational journey at your education institution, you’ll be able to graduate them and make them as part of the student alumni. This operation is commonly performed at the end of the academic terms. This module mainly helps to:

  • Re-enrol students to the next academic term without having to re-enter information. 
  • Easily go back to previous academic years to view student profiles, their academic and learning activities. 

Here is how you can graduate or advance students to the next level of study. 

  1. Click on Module -> Graduate Students 

2. You’ll now have to go through two steps to graduate students

In step 1 you’ll set graduations or where the students need to move to advanced or higher classes. Eg: If the student is in Grade 4 and he needs to move to Grade 5.

a. Select Class and section in the list to advance students in the relevant class.  

b. You’ll get a list of student the belong to the class and section. Now let the system know where the students need to be moved to. To do this set graduations for individual students or all students in the new class and section. Use the select all radio button to select all students. Click on “Set”. 

  • If you need to keep students in the same class. Use the option to “Keep students in the same Standard” in the drop down
  • If students need to be graduated. Use the option “ Alumni”

Now repeat this process for all class and sections.

You’ll need to complete this process for all students that belong to your education institutions. To check who else need to be graduated Click on “ Click here to know the graduation status”. You’ll be able to see list of classes that has students that aren’t moved.

Click on "Go to Next Step"

2. Next step “Close Current Academic & Finalize Graduation" is where you enter details of your current academic year, start and end dates. 

All data that have been entered between the start date and end date you enter will be archived. 

Click Submit button after entering all relevant details. 

3. You will be taken to the page where you will be able to access your previous academic year data. 

You’ll be able to access previous academic year data from the top navigation. 

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