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This article details out the different enrollment statuses and its corresponding implications in the system.

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There are 5 enrollment statuses which you can choose for updating a student's information in the system.

  • Upcoming - This means that the course has not yet started but a student has already expressed interest to take it. You can use this status for setting up courses even before the actual start of classes.

  • In Progress - This is applicable when a course is ongoing, meaning the student is currently taking it. When this status is enabled, the related courses are listed as part of a student's current enrollment.

  • Completed - This is used for when students have compeleted their course requirements.

  • Incomplete - This status is for students who have not successfully fulfilled the requirements of a course.

  • Withdrawn - This is for students who have decided to pull out from the school or from a specific course.

The enrollment status information can be found in the following places.

  • Student's Profile > Enrollment Tab

  • Bulk update of Student Enrollment in Manage Students page

  • Assessment and Attendance modules. You can filter according to different enrollment statuses.

  • LMS > Students Tab

Important Notes:

  • Grades and Attendance data can still be marked or changed, regardless of enrollment status,

  • For this release, there aren't any system implications attached to a status yet. It's use will only be for updating enrollment information or status logs. Once a student is enrolled to a Class / Section / Subject, they are considered as fully enrolled regardless of their status. Therefore, when sending notifications in the Email, Events and Fees module, all students under a Class and Section will receive that message even if their status is Upcoming, Completed, Withdrawn or Incomplete.

  • For future releases, certain configurations will be applied for each status, meaning system implications will already take effect.

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