Classe365 is multilingual platform and offers 103+ language support in all the pages, admin needs to enable Language Settings to users, if you are the super-admin of the organization please refer the below link.

Organization admin invites students to login to the portal, Students need to change the language accessing their dedicated portal using the credentials sent over by the admin team.

There are two types of Language Options as below:

  1. Google Translator - Not recommended for Chinese users
  2. Core Translator - Recommended for All.

1) Using Google Translator in Student Portal

        Once logged in on your Navigation Header Menu use the Google Button to trigger the list of Languages available, choose the convenient language from the list and let the translation begin!

NOTE: There is a restriction for Chinese Users on this since Google is not supported in China.

2) Using Core Translator in Student Portal

        Classe365 has it's own translator which will translate all the words to the selected language.

Use the multilingual icon on the navigation header menu.

Note: This icon will only be visible if your organization super-admin has enabled.

If you have any questions please contact your organization admin or teacher using the Help Support available in the portal.

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