Classe365 allows you to add weights to subjects individually or to an assessment category. You can also apply assessment category weights to all subjects, classes, and sections across the school. 

For example, to encourage sports activities amongst students, you may add an assessment category called “sports participation” and add a common weight of 1.05 to all classes and sections. 

Weights can be added to subjects to encourage students to pay particular attention to a subject. For example from Class 4 to Class 8, you can attach a higher weight of say, 5.0 to English language and then for senior classes, you can reduce the weight to 3.0. 

Assessment categories also can be given different weights to different classes. For example, for lower classes from class 2 to class 5, preparatory exams assessment category can have a weight of zero, but for higher classes like class 9 or class 10, it is good to encourage students to work hard for the preparatory exam before the final exams, and hence you can assign a weightage of 10. 

All assessment categories relating to exams can be assigned a moderate weight, while test categories can be assigned a lesser weight value. 

In Classe365, teachers and administrators can create and modify weights. You have to plan this carefully, since any change you make to weights will affect the scores across the students in different classes and sections. 

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