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Mailchimp Integration with Classe365
Mailchimp Integration with Classe365

Now you can use Classe365 for email marketing with our integration with Mailchimp, integrate in just 3 simple steps.

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Mailchimp is the world's largest marketing automation and email marketing service, and we have you covered with our latest integration.

The below steps will help in the integration of Classe365 with Mailchimp.

STEP-1: Sign-up/Login to Mailchimp Account

Visit Mailchimp official site to log-in/sign-up

STEP-2: Create Audiences

Here you need to create 2 audiences having the title - "Students" and "Teachers". This step is a must and it is compulsory.

Navigate to Audiences > Manage Audiences > View Audiences

There head over to Create > Create Audience >

The audience list looks like the below.

Note: Delete the first name and last name columns from both lists as we are going to add our own first name and last name columns.

STEP-3: Get API Key from Mailchimp

Navigate to Profile > Account > Extras

API Keys

Scroll to the end you should see an option to "Create API Key"

Create and copy the API key next we need to set the API key in Classe365 account.

STEP-4: Setup Integration with Classe365

Login to your Classe365 admin account and navigate to Profile > Org. Settings > Apps > Mailchimp

There you need to Paste your API key and "Save"

After saving your configurations you can now Sync Data.

Please contact support at for further questions.

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